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Our Vision & Purpose

“At Accur8DrivingLessons we pride ourselves in teaching safe driving skills, not just learning to pass the drive test”. Our honesty and professionalism aims to educate all our clients/students in all facets of road safety by delivering the knowledge and skills they require to drive safely on the roads long after they obtain their Licence and not just so they can pass the drive test. Our Core Values

AAffordable Service Driven Company - we aim to always provide
affordable & unrivalled service to all our clients
C Competent – fully qualified Certificate IV Accredited Driver
C Caring – Considerate – Calming to all our clients
UUnderstanding - of clients differing learning needs and circumstances
RResults – to generate and obtain a high performance level for all our clients that delivers them an excellent value for money experience without ever sacrificing safety.

Servicing Melbourne's Inner and Outer Northern Suburbs